Healthcare industry
Taking medical data asset protection needs as the core, around the various business scenarios of medical data, it provides three-dimensional medical data security protection solutions such as data asset sorting and classification and grading, risky operation behavior auditing and blocking, de-privatization of sensitive data, and medical data security situational awareness, etc., so as to satisfy the requirements of national and industry laws and regulations.
Public Security
The public security industry data security solution revolves around the police big data platform. Combined with the industry's data security requirements, and based on data asset sorting and classification, it achieves a secure police data foundation through measures such as permission control for different role personnel, desensitization of sensitive data according to level requirements, monitoring and auditing of the entire data flow process, etc., ensuring the stable operation of public security business.
Government Industry
Combined with the current state of data security in the government data center, we assist in establishing a data security organization system, data security management system, as well as a data security technology system and data security operations system. This constructs a comprehensive data security protection system for the government data center, ensuring the secure circulation of government data and supporting the orderly operation of digital government services.
Financial Industry
For the financial industry data security protection, based on the top-level design concept of "one center, four systems, six processes", it builds a financial data security protection center and achieves full life cycle security protection of financial data from the four dimensions of organization, management, technology, and operations.
Telecom Operator
The energy industry is an important basic industry for the country. As the practicality level of information systems in the energy industry continues to improve, the severity of data security is also becoming increasingly prominent. Starting from the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, combined with the data security capability maturity model system framework, as well as the business characteristics and data security requirements of the production control domain and information management domain data of energy enterprises, a "data-centric" adaptive data security protection system is constructed.
Cloud Security
In response to the security problems of cloud platform data, establish a monitoring and defense system for the entire life cycle of the data, regularly carry out data security vulnerability scanning to identify potential data security vulnerabilities and threats; implement a permission control mechanism, and formulate a permission access mechanism according to the roles of different cloud database accesses, so as to prevent data leakage and misuse. For the scenarios of data sharing and outgoing as well as real-time access, achieve desensitization of sensitive data.
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